Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Best of 2011: Part Two

Onward and forward with the best photos of 2011.

Dragonfly with wet wings  July 03 2011

A dragonfly with wet wings that was saved by my husband and the ever faithful Chance.  July 03, 2011 at Star Island in Cass Lake.

August 07 2011

A bumble bee on my Liatris.  August 07, 2011.

Adam Sept 24 2011 (2)

My ten year old grandson  Adam..who always makes me smile.  September 24, 2011

Clouds  and Moon October 02 2011

The moon and clouds on a stormy evening in October of 2011.

jennifer November 24 2011

My daughter Jennifer.  I took this photo on November 24 2011.

Chance December 2011 with a flash

Chance in December 2011.  I rarely take photos with a flash..but this one turned out quite well.  The Christmas tree in the background does not have any lights on it..what you see is the light reflecting off of the hundreds of Shiny Brite ornaments that I collect.

Well that is the twelve photos that I picked to represent the best of my photography for this to pick just one for tomorrows Sunday Stills:)


  1. They are all wonderful. Those with your family members are really special.

  2. Great shots.....ALL of them. Happy New Year to you the Far Guy and Chance.....all the very best in 2012!


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