Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Stills: Circles

The Sunday Stills Challenge was circles.

Snow in the yard  circular firepit

The snow makes a perfect circle disguising the campfire pit.

snow circle It looked different on a cloudy day this week.

different circles


Many different circles.


Circles that will keep us warm and cozy all winter long.


A White Breasted Nuthatch at one of the feeders.

Have a good week everyone!  We are getting snow and we are in a storm/blizzard watch.  We are staying home for the duration:)


  1. You certainly found some nice circles. The fire pit is a different choice than anything else I've seen this week. Very good.

  2. Beautiful photos/circles, Connie. We are having heavy rain and thunder this afternoon.
    Stay safe.

  3. I know that stack of circles will keep you warm during this and future snow storms. Stay inside by the fire, pop some popcorn, and watch a DVD.

  4. There WAS a circle in the snow here but it disappeared after the wind blew. I love that bird feeder.

    1. I Like that feeder too..but you practically have to get a part time job top keep it filled with birdseed:)

  5. That fire pit could be the foundation of a supreme snow fort.:). They're lovely circles, I like that firewood shot.

  6. I do love that last photo!!! Stay safe and warm with this storm~

  7. You did great with the challenge. Love the bird feeder and of course the nuthatch!

  8. yes am with the last pic' beautiful...

  9. I always like to see what everyone comes up with for the assignment. You did really good!


  10. Unusual selection, I could not find anything interesting enough and found it too difficult but you made this one look easy.

  11. I like the bird feeder and the circle of log ends!

  12. Good choices! I missed this challenge. I love watching nuthatches climbing our tree's, your capture is awesome!! I like the feeder as well, is it squirrel proof? I don't feed black oil sunflower, can't keep the squirrels from devouring all of it - so I feed safflower instead. Not the same attraction.

  13. sweet little nuthatch on that nicely filled feeder!

    love the wood pile, too.


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