Thursday, June 25, 2009

Color Carnival: A Flag

I really need to work on this theme, I have such a hard time finding colorful things to photograph..this week I chose the flag just outside my front door. I just need to find my comfort zone.. and I have not found it yet. Maybe I am looking too hard.. I don't know..suggestions? I love to photograph things of just one color.. but that is not the challenge is it..Color Carnival should just inspire color, many colors:)


  1. I think your flag is very pretty! Glad you are playing along. Maybe just visiting other's Color Carnival posts will inspire you :-)

  2. I love your flag! And it is very colorful. I think there is a lot of colors in your flower pictures. In the last photo of Lupine today there is pink, blue, purple, green, red, brown, black, silver and yellow! And several shades of them!!! You are too hard on yourself. We think you're great and so are your photographs :)

  3. Great choice!
    I love birdhouses... :)


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