Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Stills: Signs of Fall

This weeks Sunday Stills Challenge was a Signs of Fall.

I live in Minnesota.  The trees are at their peak color this weekend. 

Populus deltoides or Aspen

Aspens..or Populus deltoides..or Popples…or piss Popples because they are worthless for firewood. The wood just sits in a wood stove and water  boils out the end of the wood.  Pretty in the evening light!

Red Oak

Red Oak.. not sure which one.

Norways and Jacks wth Aspen and Oaks behund

Looking through the understory of Jack Pine and Norway Pine to the forest beyond filled with Popples and Oaks.

Waving Hello Shadow

This is my shadow way hello to October..and goodbye to September.  I missed the Shadows of Ourselves Challenge.  I missed the Music Challenge..I will work on that one!   I have closed the Museum for the hopefully I will be able to spend more time doing what I want take photographs.  Have a good week everyone:)


  1. Fun to see your fall color pics. So happy you will have the time to do what you want for a while.

  2. Beautiful shots, I love the aspens. They may not be good firewood, but they sure are pretty.

  3. Ahhh, those beautiful trees!Great photos. I sure miss the colors of fall. Living in So.Ca, I did the best I could for the "fall colors" assignment.

  4. Sure are pretty, I really like the reds as we dont get very many of them, more yellows and oranges here.

  5. Beautiful shots of autumn in Minnesota. The color of yellow is such an intense color.

  6. What wonderfully vibrant shots!

  7. Waving back at you also, Connie!



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