Saturday, November 15, 2008

Round Robin Photo Challenge: Two Halves Don't Make A Whole

Nancy from Nancy Luvs Pix suggested this weeks challenge. Two halves don't make a whole.
THE CHALLENGE: Photograph two different shots of the same thing, crop them in half and then put them side by side ALMOST touching.

It was a challenge for me..I found a way..but it may have not been the best way. I struggled with Abode Photoshop and the layering..if anyone knows of a really good tutorial web site or a blog about Adobe Photoshop please leave me a comment. I finally just cropped the photos like I would normally do and then imported them to my scrapbook program..success at last!

If you are ever company at my home, I have two old boilers, one is copper filled with magazines, the other stainless steel and filled with are welcome to use either or both!
Check out the other Round Robins Entries..I know I will ..I hope they are sharing some of their secrets on this challenge:)


  1. splendid. this was harder than i thought, too. i really like the copper one.

  2. How neat! You did this perfectly!

  3. Hi Connie :)

    What a good idea! :) Neat photo!


  4. Wow, you did a great job with this! how neat that you had two things so similar, yet contrasting, to align, and were able to match them up so well!

    I don't even have PhotoShop except the free online version, which was pretty useless the last time I tried it. But what I did in PhotoStudio was keep fussing with the size until both pics were compatible, and then either paste part of one image over another and then drag it around, or paste both into a new extra large file and arrange them there. But I think yours is closer to the spirit of the original description of the Challenge, and salute you for it!

  5. I like the contrast between the copper and the steel. Copper is good fun metal as it has so many colors given the age and the environment. Nice job!

  6. Great shot. I just couldn't get anything to fit for this, LOL. Brain is too slow today.

  7. Quite the combination, I just couldn't get anything to match up well.

  8. Love your boilers! I would be happy to grab a magazine and blankie and curl up somewhere. :)


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