Monday, November 24, 2008

Strange Shots!

Martha at Menagerie may start a new new photo meme called strange shots. To encourage her I am sharing one of my strange shots with you.

I took this in October 2007. Far Guy, Cheesecake or Blaze (they are a matched set and hard for me to tell apart) and Joe. We were visiting our good friends Sue and Joe in Indiana. Joe has a wonderful way with horses and they will do almost anything for him. This photo always makes me laugh out loud, Far Guys expression is priceless:)


  1. LOL, Far guys look is either surprised or very nervous. Can't quite tell:)

  2. Far guy has more of a look like he got goosed than just "horsing" around, LOL!
    Thanks for playing along! I just discovered another photo shoot called odd shots, maybe one shoot for the unusual is enough?
    Thanks for playing :-)

  3. this definitely fits the theme! are they shoeing the poor thing?? and you're right...that expression is priceless. lol

  4. I love the shot and the expression

  5. hi; came over here by way of Martha; I told her I would check out all the strange shots and my, this is certainly a strange shot!! what an interesting picture; enjoyed reading about it too :)



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