Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge: Autumn

I have lots of tree photographs.. I especially like this one! To the best of my knowledge it is a Acer rubrum or more commonly known as a Red Maple. Red Maples run the range of fall color running from an orange/yellow to orange to red. Seeds from the same tree can grow up to be different shades of orange. Seedling selection..a fascinating subject!

This is a Blogger's Community Photo Challenge entry.. I am anxious to view the other entries beginning November 7th, 2008 :)


  1. Thanks for the lovely fall color photo - AND the horticulture lesson, Connie! We have mostly oaks on our property, but the Maples really are wonderfully colorful.


  2. Nice shot, very pretty and great for the autumn challenge! :-)
    By the way, you've been tagged...

  3. Very interesting post..Ü LOvely autumn image, too. I love the shack in the background!...Ü

  4. very pretty and the shack in the background is a nice point of interest. well done! :)

  5. Connie, beautiful fall color there and the old building on the right really makes it more interesting. Great entry!

  6. The yellows are spectacular even here in Seattle this year. Beautiful. I couldn't figure out how to become one of your gadget for that on your site...or did I just miss it? Maria

  7. I love trees too and I have a lot of photos of them! I loved seeing this in it's autumn colours, wonderful shot for the challenge! Jeannette


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