Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Stills: Rule of Thirds: July 25, 2010

I really need to work on this Rule of helps me to be a better I was up for this Challenge!  I just need the place and the time..well we needed to eat lunch yesterday and the weather was lovely.
When using the Rule of Thirds, the main subject is placed off center, away from the middle of the frame.  Off center photographs are more pleasing to the eye. This rule uses  two horizontal and two vertical imaginary lines trisecting an image with four intersecting points.You place your main subject where the lines intersect rather than centered in the frame.
A sailboat on Leech Lake. OK that went pretty well...
Add in a few flowers..
How about some wildflowers all by themselves!  Fireweed and Culver's Root.
Oh and a squawking bird!  Have a great week everyone!
Imaginary grids...I have made  these out of typing paper and have them the same size as my photo program display on my computer. I pop them over the image and see how I did..I is a bit anal..what ever works for camera also has a grid function:)

Rule of Thirds grids


  1. sailboats are perfect for practicing this rule - they constantly move out of frame!

  2. that first one is nice and clear about where the thirds are.

  3. Your rule of thirds tool is pretty cool. I might make one myself.

    I really like the first three photographs in sequence because there's this movement to them when they're together as the eye moves out from the sail boat and then into the detailing of the flowers on the shore.

  4. These are all great shots. I makes me more homesick to visit your state.

  5. Ah the rules are meant to be broken some times....

    Great shots, I can see real improvement.


  6. Beautiful shots. Well done. :)

  7. Love the sailboat. I also like the sequence of the 3 shots. I love the grid idea!

  8. Well done, great shots..:-))

  9. These are wonderful....especially the first photo.

    I, too use the grid quite often on my photos. And I try to shoot my photos using the Rule of Thirds rule, too. Sometimes, it's true that rule is meant to broken, but if you have a good'll know when ;)

    Great job!


  10. They're all grat photos but the first one really is practicing the rule perfectly.

  11. hehe loving the bird photo - nice capture!


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