Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Stills: Nature’s Frames

This weeks challenge was to use nature to frame something.  My trusty model and I went out to find something that would work for our photo shoot.

Chance framed one Jan 28 2012

I have a patch of Little Bluestem that is in the yard.  It was a little windy.. and Chance was getting bored.

Chance almost framed Jan 28 2012

Really bored..

We moved over to a different spot..

Chance frames two Jan 28 2012

I managed to accidently frame part of his face with a weed.  Have a good week everyone:)


  1. Excellent shots, whats that white stuff on the ground? :-))

  2. Loved your choices and of course the model....that goes without saying. My fav the last one.

  3. Great shots and always the cute model.

  4. Chance is so good to sit still for you! My guess is that you tell him to and he obeys?!!That's a great dog.

  5. Nice shots, funny about him getting bored :)

  6. i always love your dog, great post :)

  7. They make for a great frame job. Chance always looks good no matter what the weather.

  8. I loved the first one in the grass! Chance is such a great dog!


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